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Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR)

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The Investor Relations Society (IR Society) was established in 1980 nad has over 600 members. Its membership comprises both UK and overseas companies, of which approximately half are corporate firms and half service providers. For over 25 years the IRS continues to be an exclusive training, research and public center well known not only in the UK but all over the world as well. The Institute for the Development of Financial Markets is an officeial and exclusive IRS representative in Russia and CIS.

In addition to development and implementation of professional standards and staging its Investor Relations annual conference that is considered a meeting floor for international IR community the IRS experts and tutors devote special attention to Professional Development. 

The «Certificate in Investor Relations» course is for everyone working in investor relations or thinking about a move into investor relations. The Syllabus comprises actual situation of the Russian and Western financial markets.  On completion the candidate will know the main regulations concerning the structure, governance and behaviour of listed companies; kow the different types of shares and shareholders; know the role of stock exchanges;  know the regulations governing the conduct of investor relations and in particular the disclosure of information; know the legal requirements regarding the financial calendar; be familiar with the fundamentals of basic accounting, ratios, valuation and investment analysis; be aware of the requirements for UK listed companies conducting
investor relations in major overseas markets;  be aware of the required ethical and professional standards expected of investor relations practitioners. 

Qualification of graduates of the «Certificate in Investor Relations» course. The students successfully passed the «Certificate in Investor Relations»  final exam and received the IRS International Certificate are ready to perform IR duties.

Training process. The 40 hour Syllabus consists of five modules. The lectures take place in the evenings 3 times a week.  There is also a possibility for taking a  distant learning course.

Course Books. The students are to get a study guide, revision slides, a list of additional literature, and a login and password for the online mock exam at the IR Society website.

Final Exam. On completion of the Course the students are to sit the Findal exam. Successful students will receive IR Society International Certificate. 

Tutors. All the lectures are given by skilled experts who are professionals of the market. In addition to the lecturing the tutors are to share their practical experience, provided analyses of teh of the present situation and prospectives of development of the financial markets.

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Price: 80 000 Rubles

Date Education Form
23.10.09 evening

Program Examination Tuition Speakers Terms  

Classes: from 6.30 to 9.40 pm

Regulatory environment - Demetrius Andreas Floudas

Financial Markets - Leighton S.P. Prabhu, Managing Director Interstice Consulting, ex-PWC 

Practical Experience  - Mikhail Matovnikov, Managing Director, Interfax Business Service

Accounting Valuation and Investment Principles - Leighton S.P. Prabhu, Managing Director Interstice Consulting

Companies & Regulation  - Igor Belikov, Director, Russian Institute of Directors

Final Exam is to take place at the premises of the Institute for the Development of Financial Markets.

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